$850 per week for watching movies on Netflix.


Do you like watching movies and web series on Netflix? If yes, then stop doing it right now! I mean to say, stop watching movies on Netflix if I because can’t pay you. Because we have a job where you’ll get paid for watching movies on streaming platforms similar to Netflix.

Job title: Earn $850 per week watching movies on streaming platforms like Netflix.

Job description: See, as the platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc., are growing and dominating the entertainment industry… Some app companies have hopped on the bandwagon and launched brand-new streaming platforms to compete with these big guys. And now, they want to test the performance of their apps, and that’s why they’re hiring ordinary people from Italy to work as app testers. Your job is to download those apps, watch 1 or 2 movies, and then write a review describing your experience while using those apps.

Pay: $800 to $850 per week.



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