CATAPULT MAGIC™ | Tennis Ball Dog Launcher | Electric and automatic food dispenser

🐕 Your dog also likes to play

💪 Play is healthy movement

💯 Your dog needs an interesting game

🩺 A game against a sedentary lifestyle


▪️But how dogs like to bring objects back!
▫️If it comes to balls and balls then they go crazy!

▪️Do you like playing with your dog so much, don’t you?
▫️But after a while it gets tiring to continue.

▪️But your dog still has energy to spare and he still asks you to play!
▫️Are you looking for a solution to this problem?

▪️Would you like an accessory that you can play with your dog in your place?

🟢 Movement is very important for our animals.

For this today you have found the object that he does for you!



Tennis Ball Dog Launcher!



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