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$30 per photo you take

If you like taking photos on your smartphone – or you think some extra money in your back pocket could motivate you to start liking it – then you need to apply to today’s available job ASAP. With only one position available, this photo app tester and reviewer job are going to get snapped up super fast! Here’s how you can apply…




Earn $5 per WhatsApp message

Do you use WhatsApp? It’s a free messaging app you can download to your smartphone or tablet. I hope you’re nodding because our database just matched you with a remote job testing messaging apps like WhatsApp, which pays as much as $5 per message you send. Here’s the job spec…




Read comics for $30 an hour

Do you remember reading comic books as a kid? Cheering for Batman fighting against the Joker, or for Wonder Woman knocking out some generic thugs? Those were the days! Well, a job’s just come up that allows you to relive your youth reading comics and earn an income for it! Here are the details…




Make $735 a week solving fun quizzes

Do you like solving quizzes and puzzles in your free time? Would you like to get paid by doing so? Yes, it’s possible, now, you can get paid $735 a week by playing and testing quiz apps. See the full details here…




$735 per week playing car racing games with friends. 

Just imagine… The signal turned green, you’ve released the clutch, smashed the gas pedal, and vroom! You’ve started a race with your friend. But, what will happen at the end of the race? Will you win? Or you lose? Well, no matter who wins, one thing for sure… You’ll get paid $735 per week for doing it. Ok, let me explain… See, we’re currently working with some app developers who have launched brand-new racing games for mobiles and tablets. And now, they wanna know how the games they made are performing. That’s why they’re hiring some app testers who can test and review those games.




Would you do a crossword for $120?

We’re looking for someone to fill a job role testing and reviewing crossword apps and all kinds of other words, numbers, and puzzle games on their phone or tablet. So, do you like relaxing on a Sunday afternoon with a crossword puzzle? Then this job could be right up your street – and it pays very well too. Here are the details…




Earn $150 per day playing Angry Birds on mobile

Do you like playing Angry Birds? If yes, then… Would you like to make money playing some brand-new action games similar to Angry Birds? I’m not kidding, now you can earn up to $150 per day playing games. See the full details here…




$900/week San Francisco game job for you

Are you still available for work?

I really hope so, because we just ran your details through our database and you’ve been matched with this online job: $900 per week testing and reviewing gaming apps for a well-known development company based in San Francisco. Here’s what you need to know…




Earn $35 an hour playing Uno

Have you ever played Uno with your friends? If yes, you’ll love this job. See, numerous app companies created and launched a lot of games like this. And they’re looking for ordinary folks to play and review their games. They just wanna know how their games are performing. And that’s what they expect from you… Your role is just to download, play, and write a quick review of your experience with those apps.




$630 per week for ordering pizza

Now, it sounds like a dream when someone says that you’ll get paid for eating pizza. But it’s not a dream. We’re currently working with app developers who made some great online food ordering apps. Apply ASAP, we just need 3 app testers today. Read full details here…




$30/hour for reading the news

Do you regularly browse news sites for the latest news? Then today’s job could be perfect for you. We’re looking for a news app tester. The work is simple and you can do it anywhere you can get access to the internet. Read on to see how you can apply…




$810 per week for learning piano on your phone

Do you like musical learning apps like piano or guitar simulators? They’re quite fun and you can learn to play some cool musical instruments too. Nowadays, there are a lot of sophisticated musical instruments simulators that even professionals use to practice. And today, I have a job for you that needs you to download and play one of those simulators and pocket $810 per week.

Read full details here…




Earn $150 a day to diet!

Do you fancy getting healthy and making some more income at the same time? I’m not talking about starving yourself to save money! I’m suggesting tracking your calories with an easy-to-use app like MyFitnessPal’s Calorie Counter app, and earning extra dollars while you do so just by testing and reviewing it. That’s what’s on offer with today’s available job…




$850 per week for watching movies on Netflix.

Do you like watching movies and web series on Netflix? If yes, then stop doing it right now! I mean to say, stop watching movies on Netflix if it can’t pay you. Because we have a job where you’ll get paid for watching movies on streaming platforms similar to Netflix. Read full details here…




$735 per week for playing survival games

No matter how much we have evolved, we still have that survival instinct. That’s why we love playing survival games which include the threats that we can’t encounter in real life, for eg. Zombies, dinosaurs, etc. If you too like playing those games, then today, we have a remote job that you’ll love. Here’s the specifics…




Earn $20 an hour listening to Spotify

How does popping in your headphones and receiving a big paycheck to listen to music sound? Pretty good, I bet. Well, you’ll want to apply for today’s available job ASAP because we’re looking for one remote worker to test and review music apps like Spotify. Here’s the specifics…




$945 per week for reading your favorite books

Books play a great role in our lives. No matter if it’s a fiction novel or a book on personality development, you should always read. And if you’re a bookworm and reading books is the most crucial part of your daily life, then you’ll love this job. Read on to see how you can apply…




$210 a day to train your brain

Would you like to get smarter? And would you like to receive money at the same time? If you’re nodding YES to both of those questions, then you’re going to love today’s job offering… this is your chance to earn some extra capital by testing and reviewing brain training apps like Memorando!




$750 per week for reading dictionaries.

There are a lot of dictionary apps that we can use to master any language in the world. But, what if I tell you that you can get paid up to $750 per week by just reading dictionaries? Yes, this job is about using and testing dictionary apps made by some app developers that we work with and writing a quick review explaining your experience with those apps.




$300 to read Harry Potter

What’s your favorite book? Harry Potter? Fifty Shades of Grey? A Prayer for Owen Meany? The Football Outsiders Almanac? Whatever it is, what if I told you you could receive a fat daily paycheck for rereading your favorite books and reading new books? Because that’s exactly what today’s job offers…




$40 an hour for making a to-do list on Evernote

Have you ever made a to-do list for planning your schedule by using Evernote or similar apps? If yes, then you can now get paid $40 per day for doing the same. Why? Well, that’s because some good app developers are looking for ordinary folks to download and test their productivity apps similar to Evernote. Let’s see if you qualify for this job…





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