Let’s color the dinosaurs. Coloring book for kids | Ages 4/11: The most complete Dinosaur-themed Children’s Book! Discovering the giant animals! 130 coloring pages

✔️ Within this beautiful and complete volume of the We know the World by Coloring it! Series,you will find
🐉 130 dinosaur-themed boards for your child, which he can color as he prefers.

✔️ Plus, many boards include dot designs for added fun.

✔️ Your child can experience the thrill of drawing a real dinosaur!
✔️ All designed to learn and stimulate ingenuity and his imagination.

✔️ Draw the line and color!Hours and hours of fun and boredom-free learning are guaranteed for the whole family.
In addition to learning the names of the main dinosaurs, your child will be able to learn many curiosities about the life of these prehistoric giants; read the stories on the dedicated pages!

✅ The best choice to stimulate your adventurer’s knowledge! Fun for the whole family!

  • 130 colorable designs
  • Dotted boards to discover the art of drawing
  • Boards with the names of dinosaurs
  • Pages of curiosity to get to know the history of these now extinct giants
  • Dedicated to children / teenagers from 4 to 11 years of age
  • Your child will learn while having fun!

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💯 Hours and hours of guaranteed fun!

👉🏻 All in one book!


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