Does your cat stay alone all day because you work?

Do you see him tired, apathetic and always sleeping?

An unstimulated cat can develop pathologies that can compromise his physical and mental health.

If he has nothing to vent his predatory instincts with, if he cannot move, he can become restless and nervous and run into stress and boredom.



Cats that lead sedentary lives can develop obesity and heart disease.

For this there is a need for games that keep him busy during the day.

Are you looking for something that will make your cat happy and make him happy?

A product that keeps him fit and stimulates his body movement?



We have the right product for your cat!



ROTONSECT™ can stimulate your kitten’s predatory instincts and meet its chasing needs.

Press the switch, the butterfly can rotate 360 degrees.

And this butterfly keeps spinning, your cat can play with it when going out.



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