THE KETOGENIC DIET EXPLAINED EASILY: The reason for this fashion (Good Plan For Your)

The ketogenic diet is a nutritional strategy based on the reduction of dietary carbohydrates, which “forces” the body to independently produce the glucose necessary for survival and to increase the energy consumption of the fats contained in the adipose tissue.

Ketogenic diet means “diet that produces ketone bodies”, (a metabolic residue of energy production).

We hear a lot about this keto diet (ketogenic diet). The problem with books on the market is that they are too complicated to read and understand. Words and words, but in the end the substance?

You always wanted to understand what this ketogenic or keto diet is;
All the texts you have found say a lot of words but in the end too many complicated concepts;

Would you like a simple text, which explains everything, but with simple words and understandable concepts?
Have you tried searching but don’t know where to find this book?


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