Cute hand warmer in the shape of a cat paw

cute hands

🔸Warm your hands with our practical hand warmer
🔹Take it where you want
🔸With practical usb charging
🔹Cold days will not be a problem for your hands            from now on


✔️Mini size
The cute cats paw shape, small and exquisite, strong joining process, smooth, soft and exquisite craftsmanship.
✔️Mobile Power Charging
Micro USB to interface, mobile power supply, support a variety of mobile devices.
Hanging silicone ring, feel comfortable, can be hung on the bag or cabinet to meet various needs.
✔️Warm hands mode
Double-click on the warm hands function, double-click again to close the warm hands function; click on the gear adjustment, there are low-temperature and high-temperature grades to choose from.
✔️Mobile Power Mode
When the hand-warming mode is not turned on, the meow paw can be converted into a mobile power supply to charge the mobile device using a conversion head.
✔️Scope Of Application
Suitable for multiple scenes, work, home, shopping, sleeping, outdoor,etc.

Type: Hand Warmer
Material: ABS+Aluminum alloy+ silica gel
Color: pink white
Heating temperature: 55℃ low temperature 45℃ high temperature
Battery capacity: 3.7 v / 3000 mAh
Heating power: 5 W
Output power: 5V / 1A
Charging time: 2.5 hours
Interface type: Micro USB

◻️ Size:75.3*74.1*31.4mm/2.96*2.91*1.23in
◻️ Net weight:180g/6.35oz

1*Hand Warmer
1* USB cable


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