Dan&Darci Easter Unicorn Hatching Surprise Eggs for Kids – 6 Pack – Grows 600% – Unicorn Toys for Girls & Boys Age 3-8 – Gift Ideas and Party Favors for 3+ Year Old Girl – Gifts for Ages 3 4 5 6 7 8

  • Magical Unicorn Hatching: Experience the enchantment of watching a unique unicorn hatch right before your eyes from a colorful egg! Just submerge the egg in water and witness the magical process.
  • Grow Your Unicorn: Over a few days, immerse yourself in the suspense as your unicorn evolves and grows up to an astonishing 600% of its original size!
  • A Surprise Every Time: Six different unicorns are hidden inside, each with distinct features and colors. Which one will you get? The magic is in the mystery!
  • Perfect Gift or Party Favor: Beautifully packaged for a captivating present or a delightful party giveaway, ensuring kids’ faces light up with joy! UNICORN-THEMED CARDS INCLUDED: With every pack, receive 6 adorable unicorn cards that add to the wonder and make the gift even more special.
  • Educational & Entertaining: Not only a toy but a fantastic way for children to understand growth and transformation while nurturing patience and excitement!

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