Michelle Hunziker, the breathtaking bikini in the snow: so she starts over. And wins!

Michelle Hunziker showed off an unforgettable bikini amid the snow in the Dolomites mountains: her vacation for New Year’s Eve 2023.

Spending a vacation in the snow is always a great idea, especially on holidays: between sports activities and breathtaking views, it is impossible not to appreciate the relaxation of the mountains. Michelle Hunziker, for her New Year’s Eve 2023, chose to go to the Dolomites. A special trip, together with her loved ones, including also her ex Tomaso Trussardi and her lifelong friend Serena Autieri. Of course, between cuddles and funny gags, there is also time to put on a bikini.

Michelle Hunziker in the Dolomites: bikini in the snow.


A big smile dresses Michelle Hunziker’s lips. A real, authentic smile, the kind we love about the presenter, who has always been known for her friendliness and cheerfulness. For her, it is time to relax, to say goodbye to 2022 by restarting with herself. And what a restart! After ending her affair with Giovanni Angiolini, there was a moment of “rapprochement” with her ex-husband, Tomaso Trussardi. But in the end they remained only friends.



Hunziker, who turned 45 in 2022, showed off a stunning bikini to say the least, with snowy, postcard-perfect landscapes behind her. She is enjoying the relaxation of the hotel, which of course also provides spa services, essential to chase away tension and revive in the best possible way. Fitter than ever, hundreds of followers commented on her Instagram post positively.



The white swimsuit is particularly suitable for her skin tone: the result is really elegant. What was striking, in addition to her extraordinary fitness, is her smile. “Realize that this woman will be a grandmother in a few months. Stunning,” commented one follower. And there are also those who appreciated the mode of the shots. “Finally pictures in the snow in costume with a logical sense.”



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