NEED TO LOSE WEIGHT? How To Support Your Health, Lose Weight Naturally, Look Younger and Have High Energy All Day Long Just By Drinking Slimming Water!

By using these elegant bottles, you can transform tap or bottled water that is “dead” into hexagonal “living” water, which is way healthier and more beneficial to your body.

And thanks to the powerful 9 types of crystals inside the SLIMCRYSTAL bottles, you can increase your metabolism and energy level, and lose weight naturally without having to diet or exercise!

SLIMCRYSTAL is the world’s only manufacturer of slimming crystal water bottles, created specifically to enhance the vitality of drinking water and transform it, naturally, into a water as fresh and full of energy as spring water.

The water that has been revitalized inside the SLIMCRYSTAL bottles, supports your health, increases your energy, and helps you lose weight naturally.

All our SLIMCRYSTAL bottles have been tested by scientists around the world, and are crafted by master glassmakers using a patented method.




How SLIMCRYSTAL Bottles Change Water’s Structure

The precious quartz crystals inside each SLIMCRYSTAL bottle have energetic properties that are subtly transmitted to the water around them.

We are not talking about supernatural forces, but rather we are referring to measurable electromagnetic frequencies.

These are the same vibrations that help modern quartz watches function.

It’s a common misconception that our slimming water is made in a process that includes minerals dissolving in water…

Which never happens, as the crystals are hold in a glass chamber and they don’t even touch the water!

Our SLIMCRYSTAL slimming water is made because the high energy of crystals is transferred through the glass to the water…

And so, when you drink the water, ALL the crystals’ healing properties will reach your cells and support your health.


How SLIMCRYSTAL Bottles Can Help People Lose Weight Naturally

Our founder, Michael has especially selected the 9 crystals for the amazing effects they provide to the human body.

Each of our SLIMCRYSTAL bottles contain these natural crystals inside them: amethyst, clear quartz, moonstone, citrine, carnelian (carneline), sodalite, red agate, red jasper and green aventurine.

If you go online and start researching, you’ll find out that all these crystals provide amazing health benefits to your body:

  • They have the ability to increase your metabolism and energy levels,
  • Heal different conditions,
  • Reduce appetite and cravings, improve digestion and support your detoxification process,
  • Increase confidence, self image, willpower and inner strength.
  • Support your health and balance your internal organs and hormones.
  • Help you become more self conscious about your eating choices.
  • Increase your inner vibration so you can attract abundance and happiness.

And when you start drinking slimming water – the water that has been revitalized inside our SLIMCRYSTAL bottles by the powerful combination of natural crystals, your body can increase its resting metabolic rate with 23% and you can start losing weight naturally.


To Test If These Claims Were 100% True

Many independent laboratories have tested the SLIMCRYSTAL bottles and found that, in addition to the fact that tap water inside our bottles changes its molecular structure and gains a perfect hexagonal structure after only 10-14 minutes…

It also increases its PH and becomes less acidic, and thus supports your body’s immunity.


This extra oxygen can reach your blood stream in 30 seconds after you drink it and can drastically increase your energy level!

In other words…The many tests that were done by Research Institutes and independent laboratories, proved that…


Inside the SLIMCRYSTAL Bottles, Regular Tap or Bottled Water Reaches The Same Quality As The Water Found Only In Natural Springs!

Now when it comes to the weight loss effects, Michael wanted to be 100% sure that what happened to him is not an isolated incident…

And that the SLIMCRYSTAL bottles can help others lose weight as well.

So he created a test group made of 212 overweight men and women over the age of 40, with one goal in mind: to test if drinking water only from the SLIMCRYSTAL bottles can help them lose weight.

Half of the group was told to drink 3 liters of regular water each day, while the other half was drinking only SLIMCRYSTAL infused water.

After the first month the results were really promising, as on average the people who were drinking only SLIMCRYSTAL infused water have lost 5 to 7 pounds, while the average weight loss for the other group was only 0.7 pounds.

But after 6 months, the results showed that without a doubt drinking water from the SLIMCRYSTAL bottles drastically help in weight loss!

As the majority of the people who were drinking SLIMCRYSTAL infused water for 6 months have lost 27 to 34 pounds, and many inches off their waistline, hips, thighs and arms.

Everyone in the SLIMCRYSTAL test group had healthier blood sugar levels, have reduced their BMIs, showed signs of youthfulness, and everyone was feeling more energized and much happier.

In the meantime, the average weight loss for the regular water group, was only 4 pounds!

This was enough proof that people from around the world can support their health and their body’s natural balance, and start losing weight effortlessly, just by drinking slimming water from the SLIMCRYSTAL bottles.


Benefits Of Drinking Water From The SLIMCRYSTAL Bottles:

  • You’ll boost your metabolism and start losing weight naturally without having to diet or exercise!
  • You’ll be able to keep a healthy weight easier and without struggle
  • You’ll drastically increase your energy level so you can play with your kids and grandkids for hours without fatigue, plus you’ll be more productive at work!
  • You’ll reduce the effects of aging on your body and you’ll feel younger and you’ll feel happier!
  • You’ll support your health, immune system, digestion and your memory!
  • Healthier blood sugar and cholesterol levels
  • You’ll reduce your medical expenses as you’ll get sick less often!
  • Because you’ll feel better, you’ll also have more confidence (especially when everyone will want to talk to you when they notice your beautiful bottle).








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