Do-It-Yourself Real Estate Appraisal & Property Tax Appeal Training Course.

Lowering Your or a Client’s Property Tax!
Also Is A Highly Rewarding Residential, Commercial, Industrial Property Tax Consulting Business
In A Multi-Trillion Dollar Industry.

Using Correct Real Estate Market Valuation for residential and commercial businesses need to correct egregious over-assessed properties and tax overpayments due to faulty municipal assessments.

     Why such large over-assessment errors? An accurate market valuation home appraisal costs $300 to $450. Municipalities lack the funding to conduct expensive blanket reassessments for their territories. The time spent per assessment is minimal. Very often previous assessments are simply rolled over. Because everyone needs help, use our 5 step process for presenting an accurate market valuation for your or a clients home.

    Help others not to over-pay, just pay the proper property tax assessment that they should be charged. Your future clients are being squeezed enough, they should NOT overpay! Experts tell us that over-assessed properties excesses range from 40% to 60%.

     You will be able to give near-certainty guidance to clients in order to pay exactly what they should be charged, NOT OVER-PAY! It’s step-by-step and you are encouraged to take on cases from the very beginning so you’ll earn as you apply those specific adjustments to a particular client.

     With easy to understand training, you will be able to help clients lower their tax and set their record straight. In the process of helping the client, you earn sizable commissions. Good news:clients are easy to find!

Homeowner’s (and businesses) when they get their tax bill are often taken back by the amount charged! The fact is: Most DON’T KNOW that they are over-charged!

The over-assessed desperately need a Property Tax Assessment Review Service that has their back!

     This is a rather rare, under-the-radar small business consultancy opportunity that sorely lacks practitioners. Earning potential can be sky-high. Clients are everywhere. You’ll find that there is virtually little to no competition in most local area. It is an ever-green unique business and it’s recession proof!

     It helps customers who have a tax-reduction case shave-off serious amount of money off their tax bill. Any client who is suspicious of their property tax welcomes your help.

If the property is over-assessed, your property tax reduction procedures help bring about deserved tax breaks that are placed back into the account of that customer. You emerge the hero and earn an professionals income as a reward. 

Evaluate the Residential and Commercial Property Tax Reduction Business and Earn Fees with Your First Client

A growing numbers of homeowners and businesses will doubt the accuracy of their assessments and desire to appeal their property taxes!

Again, competition is virtually nil; there are more potential customers than you could possibly handle. You earn a high contingency fee as a result of winning. You get to help a potential homeowner or business reducing his/hers/their property tax.

Rectify a tax injustice and give the customer the property tax break they deserve. In turn, you are rewarded out of that tax reduction by way of a contingency fee that can carry over into subsequent years. Besides feeling great about helping others, this is highly lucrative.

This contingency carryover means you’re rewarded multiple times for the same hours of work. Besides getting rewarded monetarily, you will enjoy helping your client out of an unfair assessment jam. Check out the process!






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