The Principles of Keto for the Mediterranean Diet: Keto Diet Menu, Nutritional Values, 14 Days Simple Meal Plans and Ketogenic Lifestyle and Collection of Recipes

The word “diet” is synonymous with punishment! Choose this lifestyle change that can help you lose weight and boost your health instead.
Americans have seen the most considerable increase in food prices in 40 years! According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the increase was as much as 10.1%.

This has left many searching for ways to save money on their food budget, and, sadly, this often means cutting out the more expensive fresh items.

These rising food prices impact our health, which has long been suffering because of chronic stress and other conditions.

There are plenty of diets, so what makes the keto diet different?

The ketogenic lifestyle includes low carbs, moderate proteins, and high fat. This balance of macronutrients turns your body into a walking fat-burning machine! When you combine this with the benefits of the Mediterranean diet, your body receives all it needs to remain healthy.

Switching to a keto lifestyle means you have to walk past the chocolate cheesecake in the bakery, but nothing stops you from making your own — even topping it with chocolate and cream! Add that to your savings!

In this book of recipes, you will discover:

  • A total of 160 low-carb recipes for any time of the day with step-by-step instructions for all culinary abilities
  • Why do the keto diet and the Mediterranean diet go so well together
  • How a bowl can be your best sandwich substitute
  • How to make recipes the whole family can enjoy without spending hours in the kitchen
  • Mouthwatering sweets and desserts that aren’t a keto cheat
  • A selection of juices and shakes to keep you away from fizzy drinks
  • How to make your bread, wraps, and chips… minus the carbs
  • 20 shopping lists to make life simple and save time
  • The nutritional value of meals so you can easily track how you fuel your body
  • Advice on where to find the best-priced ingredients to save money while eating healthy
  • complete 14-day meal plan includes breakfast, lunch, snacks and treats, dinner, drinks, and even cocktails!

And much more.

We have all seen the adverts that tell us about diets where you can lose weight and still eat whatever you want. Too good to be true?

Probably! There must be sacrifices to experience the benefits of any diet and lifestyle change. But when it comes to the keto diet and the beauty of the Mediterranean, these 160 recipes will show how you can still eat and drink the broadest range of foods possible!
If you want to become a ‘Ketopian,’ improve your health, and save money, scroll up and click the “Add to Cart” button.


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